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The home of online competitions for riders of thirteen to sixteen years,

Our Halloween Competition for riders of 12 yrs & under is

Dressage for Beginners Halloween Dressage Event

Sat 16th October – Sun 7th November

Download PDF copy of schedule: Dressage for Beginners Under 16s October Halloween Special Schedule 2021

Enter Dressage for Beginners

The team here at CGP are thrilled to introduce to you our sponsored

rider Sadhbh Kelleher & her horse Percy of The Connie Chronicles.

We are looking forward to following Sadhbh & Percy’s progress this

year both competing online and out on the circuit.  Sadhbh will be

sharing  her knowledge and tips here on this page to all of

CGP Young Riders along with running some competitions.

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Sadhbh & Percy

A few words from Sadhbh…..

“With Ireland in what seems like a never-ending lockdown competing online provides the motivation to keep training and working towards your goals. Aside from lockdown it is also a much more affordable and accessible option for people. I know myself that I didn’t have my own transport to get out to shows until a few months ago. Also as a total newbie to dressage it’s a great way for Percy and I to get some practice in, in a more relaxed and informal environment. (No plaiting for me, woo!) “

“With all that being said, Percy and I are so excited to be working with the lovely people here at CGP and we can’t wait to see what this year brings.” 🌟