About Us

CGP Equestrian has been in development since summer 2019.

The idea came about when Poppie, a 14HH cob was bought for Cael, Katie and Saoirse in August 2018.

After many lessons on their beloved Poppie, Cael & Saoirse became very keen to show off their skills by

competing at shows. Unfortunately, this was not practical as transport was not available. So we investigated

the idea of competing online! However, we quickly discovered that the options were limited for their age and experience.

And so CGP Equestrian was born!

The CGP Equestrian website was launched in May 2020 with the aim of making equestrian competitions accessible to all.

Then came the pandemic and our online facility became a life line for the many in lockdown.

Through a lot of hard work and dedication by the small team at CGP, many competitors, young and old,

novice and experienced, have been able to experience the thrills of competition, previously inaccessible.

We now have a worldwide reach with eager competitors from all continents.

We are ambitious and aim to unlock the huge potential online competitions bring.

We want to reach as many horse and pony mad like minded people to show them