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Our next show will be in March 2023.  Full details in January 2023.

Entry Fee per class is €20/£17.50/$24.50 (US)/$31.00 (AUS)

Important: Please read How To Enter  prior to videoing and submitting your entry.

We have a fantastic Panel of List Judges who also judge on the International Circuit.

Every competitor will receive a Dressage For Beginners Rosette (either placed rosette or competitor rosette) in the post no matter where in the world you are located.

1st to 6th place is awarded in every class and rosettes will be posted to all international locations.

Score sheets are emailed to every competitor after the results are published except for British Dressage Tests, original score sheets will be posted with rosettes.

Dress Code:        Show attire is not essential but rider should be dressed neat and tidy.  Please ensure rider wears suitable footwear and helmet.

Important Information:  As this is an international event and many of the competitors will be trying dressage for the first time, the rules are quite straightforward regarding tack.  They are as follows:-

  • Training Aids are not permitted i.e. Side Reins, Draw Reins, Bungee’s etc.
  • Running Martingales and neck straps are allowed if the rider requires it for safety.  Standing Martingales are not allowed.
  • Three ring bits & double bridles are not allowed.
  • The horse should be allowed to move freely in their test without being restricted by certain tack.
  • On the Entry Form there will be an option to add information about the horse/rider that the judge should be made aware of when they are judging your test.


  1. You can enter as many classes as you like.
  2. You can ride at any level.
  3. Tests can be ridden in an arena or a field.
  4. Always record at C.
  5. Plaiting is not required.
  6. Riding hats/helmets are compulsory.
  7. Appropriate footwear is also required.
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