Jennifer Kennedy

My name is Jennifer Kennedy, I am an ISA Hunter judge. I have been

showing horses and ponies for most of my life having had my my first

pony bought for me from Smithfield market, where a very very young

Taylor Vard came to try her!

The obsession with showing would follow very quickly.  My 14hand

Show Hunter Pony, Lincool Chive was one of the funniest purchase stories.

My father was away sailing and my mother thought she better check

with him before she bought him, this was back before mobile phones.

So, the coastguard was duly called and he radioed to my father so mum

could speak to him.  He still maintains she had bought the pony already!

I show hunters, riding horses, cobs, working hunters, side saddle etc..

and have been very fortunate to ride some super horses to great success,

both in Ireland and in the UK.

I absolutely love a hunter to sit up and look through his bridle and move well,

overbent animals is a pet hate.  I also like to see a gallop controlled, not

flat out, fired from the the corner where the animal could slip so easily.

A good walk is such a pleasure to see.  I always say, the class is not over until

the rosettes are handed out. A good final walk out  can really put you back in

the judges mind!